Recent work.

    Below you will find an overview of all featured products which are interesting to look at because of their size, numbers or special character.

    Brandstempel Graveren

    Branding stamp with a diameter of 8mm

    Sometimes a small engraving order comes in, literally very small. The request was for a branding stamp with a diameter of 8mm, to be engraved. The engraving consists of a gear wheel along the outer rim and in the middle a logo of 3 W’s against each other.

    With a 0,1mm cutter we milled the engraving. The result is shown on the photograph. As you can see: everything around the logo has been milled away, so that the logo itself was liftedhigher. This way only the logo makes contact with the material to be branded.

    To the back of the branding stamp there is screw-thread in order to fit on top of a soldering iron.

    GravoSign - Den Helder

    From now on Gravure Den Helder is really GravoSign

    From 01-05-2018 we continued on as GravoSign, formerly Gravure Den Helder. There is much ado with a name change. Beside informing our suppliers and customers, our name also has to be changed everywhere it is mentioned on line.

    However, it was time for something new, for the name “Gravure Den Helder” no longer covered all our procedures and products. We do much more than just engraving, plus we deliver not only in Den Helder, but throughout the whole country.

    To top it all, we changed our house style: window frames and doors were painted, the stickers of the signs were changed and the company cars got new lettering.