As a company you have to be innovative in order to meet the needs of your clients. That is why it is important to move along with the development of techniques.

    GravoSign keeps expanding and has built up a large engine compound to be able to meet the needs for goods made-to-measure.

                   —– Below you will find an overview of the many techniques used by GravoSign —–

    CNC Engraving

    CNC Engraving is probably the first thing you think of when hearing of an engraving company: with the use of a fast turning mill the top layer of a material is taken away, so that it creates a deepened level. In order to create contrast often 2 color materials are used: a black plastic plate with a yellow top layer, will be a yellow plate with black lettering after engraving.

    Next to deepening the material, it can also be milled through. For instance when an aluminum Front Panel needs a pattern of holes.

    Also wood is very suitable for engraving. In order to get a contrast after engraving, the deepened letters can be painted or varnished in any color, creating endless possibilities.

    “CNC Engraving is a computer operated process and therefore very accurate.”

    CO2-Laser Engraving

    A CO2-laser is a glass laser, based on a gas mixture of carbon dioxide that is stimulated electrically. Through the relatively long wave length, this type of laser is very suitable for the “lighter” materials, like wood, plastic and glass.

    Examples of application:

    • The engraving is “burned” into the wood, creating a sharp, dark engraving. Cutting out figures is also a possibility.
    • Just as with CNC engraving the top layer of the material is removed. The top layer has a different color from the underlying layer, which gives a contrast.
    • Glass: Beer glasses, wineglasses,  glass plates, mirrors etc. are being made mat by laser. Herewith texts or even logos are engraved permanently.

    Fiber Engraving

    As opposed to the CO2-laser, the fiber laser with its shorter wave length is suitable for the “heavier” materials like metals. Through the smaller wave length a smaller focus diameter is created, by which a larger intensity is set free than with the CO2 laser (up to 100 times larger).

    A much used application is the engraving of aluminum and stainless steel Type Plates for f.i. off shore. Because the engraving is burned into the metal, it will not fade. Not even in the most severe circumstances, or through the salt of the sea.

    “Fiber engraving makes an indelible impression.”


    Sublimation literally means a phase transition of a material: from a solid material to a gas material. At GravoSign we use this technique on aluminum. Herewith a special ink is used which through heating takes on the form of a gas. Subsequently the gas can attach itself to the coating of  the aluminum panel, after which it will take on a solid form again after sublimation.

    “With sublimation the ink does not lay on the panel, but is within the coating.”

    As opposed to laser engraving, sublimation can be applied in full-color images.

    Sublimation is possible in small numbers as well as in high quantities.

    Full color printing

    Whether you need tens of posters or some small stickers: GravoSign can do it all for you.

    We have replaced our full color printer with a TrueVIS VG-540. Therewith prints with a width up to 1.34m and many meters long can be printed or plotted. The new, more efficient print heads make a beautiful quality of print and the clear TrueVIS ink offers a broad range of colors.

    We can also laminate your print with a shine or mat finish. That way your print is suitable for inside as well as outside use, for a very long time. With a laminate finish your print is proof against UV radiation for 7 years, totally scratch resistant and longwearing.

    “Commercial prints – Signs – Car Stickers – Wall stickers”


    A plotter is an electronic cutting machine. That makes it possible to cut very fine contours and templates out of adhesive vinyl for the purpose of lettering. It is also possible with textile foil, which can be pressed onto clothing. The vinyl as well as the textile foil is available in various colors.

    GravoSign delivers high quality plotting work which can be applied for many different purposes:

    • To stick on advertising and information signs of any thinkable material (plastic / acrylic / aluminum)
    • Lettering cars / scooters / walls
    • Templates for paint and spray works
    • Window stickers
    • Wall stickers


    As one of the few companies in the Netherlands, GravoSign is able to equip your signs with Braille.

    We create Braille by first milling small holes in the material, which can be done in metal as well as in plastic. Then we “shoot” little Braille-balls into the milled holes with a specially designed device for it.

    Braille is meant to be felt, but that does not exclude the fact that it also has to look good.

    A diversity of little balls can be used, made from plastic, stainless steel or even brass. The color of the little balls can also be chosen to compliment the background.

    “Braille enables blind people and people with poor eyesight to get information independently.”