GravoSign processes a wide arrangement of materials and therefore is able to offer the right solution for any assignment.
    Because of our large workshop we have most materials in stock, which results in fast delivery times.

    – – – Below you will find an overview of the materials GravoSign engraves & works with. – – –


    The most used and versatile material used by GravoSign is plastic. Because of the fast delivery time and the fact that it is obtainable in all kind of colors, the choice is often plastic.

    • Its thickness is from  0,8 – 1,6 – 3,2mm
    • Large variety of color combinations
    • Obtainable in mat, glass and structure
    • Applications for both inside and outside
    • Durable and proof against UV

    “From a single little plate to 10.000+ numbers, GravoSign has short delivery times”

    Stainless Steel

    Because of its appearance and durability stainless steel is a much wanted material.

    As you can see to the side, stainless steel can be a beautiful product to be used as an Information Sign. In this stainless steel plate the text is not lasered, but etched. The letters are painted with a black varnish. This has a luxurious appeal.

    Stainless steel is also by far the best material for rough circumstances, like at sea or in factories. In shipyards and machine construction Type Plates are often used made of stainless steel because of its durable characteristic. With our fiber laser we burn the information into the plate so that in all circumstances it remains visible.

    Just like plastic, stainless steel is also available in various thicknesses and varieties. You can choose between a smooth or a brushed finish.


    Aluminum is a much used material where Operating Panels are concerned. It is strong, durable, yet light.

    “We work mostly with anodized aluminum.
    That is available with a top layer in shine / mat / steel look / black / bronze.”

    The holes for the operating buttons are milled out and by our laser the panel is provided with sharp texts. Think of operating texts for the buttons and line diagrams or ways to turn.

    Beside Front Panels and Operating Panels aluminum is also a popular choice with housing corporations, installing Nameplate Panels for tenants.


    Just like stainless steel, brass can also be delivered in various thicknesses. Often brass is chosen because of its chic appearance.

    In brass a laser engraving can be made by burning the top layer away, which leaves a black etch. To give the panel an even more luxurious appearance it can be milled by our NCN machine. If the engraving is not varnished, the mill lines remain visible, which gives it a unique look. See the example to the side.

    Should a choice be made to varnish the plate, then an endless variety of colors could be used. Often black is chosen because it gives a large contrast with the color of brass.

    “For a classical, luxurious appearance brass is a good choice.”


    Wood is unique in that every plank is different. It is organic material and the processing therefore gives a different result each time.

    Wood can be processed in two ways:

    • With our OC2 laser the engraving can be burned into the wood. This results in a dark engraving and depending on the type of wood, will still show the nerve of the wood.
      • Additionally the laser can cut through and through, as is shown to the side. This makes the product even more personal.
    • Another method is to etch the engraving with the mill. By doing that the engraving is deeper and often the choice is the made to paint the engraving. The advantage thereof is that different colors become a possibility.


    One of our specialties is the engraving of glass. We use the CO2 laser for that, which leaves a mat, indelible engraving in the glass.

    Thanks to our long standing experience and working with professional lasers, we can engrave your own text or logo on almost any glass, from shot glass to carafe. Herewith an indelible creation is made to last for years. Even in the dishwasher.

    jubilees | Graduation Certificates | Farewell Presents | Father’s Day
    Friends’ Club| Wine Tasting | Promotional Gifts

    Beside the glasses which you find in our webshop, we also engrave glass plates. In that case the choice is sometimes made not to use the laser to engrave, but for sand-blasting. A template of the engraving is made, sand-blasting the gaps. The effect is the same as with the laser, a mat finish, only with sand-blasting it goes deeper

    “An engraved glass is the unique present for all occasions”


    Trespa plates and panels are often used, because they are weather-proof and maintenance-free.

    An example of one of the projects that GravoSign has done, is installing Door Bell Panels in an entire district. The vestibule of various apartments were renovated and the Door Bell Panels replaced. The new color scheme became charcoal  and that is why we delivered the panels in that color.

    1. The panels are first measured and ordered to fit the measurements.
    2. A digital design is made with the holes for intercom, letterboxes, doorbells and holes for the name plates.
    3. The holes are milled out of the panel.
    4. The last step is milling the house numbers into the trespa and then painted with white varnish.

    Beside Door Bell Panels, trespa is also very suitable for Information Signs as it is very resilient.


    Acrylate is a very versatile material. It is available in many different thicknesses, finish and colors.

    • Mat, shine, transparent or colored.
    • In thickness from 3-20mm

    Acrylate is easy to cut by laser and therefore very suitable for making various forms, as the example to the side shows. For one of our customers we cut out a big series of hotel room numbers by laser. The numbers then had to be provided with Braille lettering and painted in a specific color.

            “GravoSign delivers made-to-measure, cut out Acrylate letters & digits, in all desired colors.”